Crane & Rigging
Heavy Haul

Another dimension of Heck & Wicker is seen in its crane, rigging, and specialized heavy hauling operations which either contract their own accounts or provide rental service. These dual roles, assuring optimum work for the equipment, provide not only a large equipment pool for Heck & Wicker, Inc. but also reduce equipment costs to construction contract clients.

Heck & Wicker carries safety as one of its highest priorities with its current 30 years without a loss time accident. We also pride ourselves in our contract division with no late penalty assessments.

Heck & Wicker, personnel are equally comfortable on the erection process for Alliance Constructors, Parsons Kansas, or the positioning and setting of 80,000# boilers for Power Flame, Parsons Kansas, and the set, haul, and removal of transformers for Westar Energy.

Our fleet of cranes makes it possible to supply the right size equipment for the job. Heck & Wicker can pick and set sensitive manufacturing pieces, air handling units, or bulk items. We are also familiar with pre-cast concrete construction and steel erection. Our operators are trained in strict safety procedures that assure the correct placement of the lift.

Heck & Wicker has a complete range of transportation equipment for hauling items. We have a full line of trailers with inside structural beams for concentrated loads, and trailers with external structural beams for wider base loads. Our understanding of the field, combined with our ability to place proper equipment at the job site, makes us the lifting and moving specialists.

Our Equipment

Our equipment ranges in size from a 26 Ton boom truck to 75 Ton cranes, along with the necessary slings and rigging. Uses included commercial work, roofing, service work, and new construction. Tele communication and facility tower erections vertical capability up to 200′. We also have available fork trucks from 5,000# to 60,000#. Tele lifts from 14′ to 55′ up to 10,000# capacity.

Temporary Storage Services

Our crane and lifting services provides mobile hydraulic cranes with operators on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our local facility in Parsons has dock and storage facilities for temporary storage and staging of equipment, which Heck & Wicker can later transport and put in place per your request and schedule. Please call for availability and rate.


Thank you for your interest in joining the Heck & Wicker team! Please fill out the online application or download and submit your application via email. Once received, someone will be in touch with you shortly.