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Heavy Industry / Road & Dam

Widening and repair, or construction of new access for ingress and egress relating to public entities, or private access to remote sites are equally uniform operations for Heck & Wicker, Inc. Large milling machines, presses, boilers, transformers and complete assembly line operation are just some of the types of equipment that we have handled.

Dam work can be as extensive as major federal projects with clay of plastic sealants, or as basic as scraping a pond for a farmer. The work that we have done at the private, municipal, state and federal levels has supplied us with a solid background in road and dam construction.

The above services has been performed for Southern Pacific Railroad, head quarters in San Francisco, CA, on drainage and track replacements, Parsons Housing Authority for the replacement of heat and air maintenance problems, in southeast Kansas, as well as red iron erection for the Ft. Scott airport in Fort Scott, KS .

Cranes, rigging, and transport vehicles and specialized trailers are all included in our company's heavy industry division. We have experienced supervisors, operators, and crews for transportation and cartage of production machine for new and existing plants. When time is an important consideration, we are prepared to offer rapid mobilization.

Heck & Wicker Heavy Industry / Road & Dam
Heck & Wicker Heavy Industry / Road & Dam
Heck & Wicker Heavy Industry / Road & Dam Heck & Wicker Heavy Industry / Road & Dam
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